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We've been Rick Steves travel book and video fans for many years, having used the books to travel to several regions in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, the UK and Austria.  For traveling to Sicily, we chose to join our first Rick Steves tour.  Why Sicily?  Simple answer - The Godfather.  Why a tour?  Sicily felt like an exotic destination, one where we could use some help getting around, and unfortunately there was not yet a Rick Steves book available for Sicily as there is now.  Even had the book been available, we never would have covered so much ground, learned so much, or packed so much travel into 11 days on our own. 

Best of Sicily in 11 days - you betcha!

Rick Steves Sicily Book

About me & this website

I've been an avid scrapbooker for over 10 years.  While I've done some physical paper scrapbooking, my real love is digital scrapbooking.  I use Photoshop to capture my photos with backgrounds, embellishments and words to tell not only the stories of our travels but also of our everyday lives.  I travel with my laptop so I can do some of this capturing as it is happening, for that's when the impressions are the strongest, the stories most vivid.  I'm self-taught through the use of online help and tutorials.  At the end of a year, I collect my pages into a book and print it through an online book-printing service.  Many of the "pages" you will see here were created for my printed book.  I like sharing my creations, so adapting my work to a website has been a fun and interesting challenge, something I've never done before.  I hope you enjoy it!  Thanks for looking.

Diane Weber

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